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Innovation and Technology

Innovation is more than technology. It's an evolution of ideas.

The private water industry has long been an incubator of innovative solutions. Middlesex Water Company holds the world record for the longest non-stop water main pipe pull of its kind. United Water created the nation's first ozone filtration plant, and was the first company to adopt automated water meter reading technology. These and many other industry leaders join together as part of the Water Innovations Alliance to help drive change.

Every year, millions of dollars are invested in research and development to advance the systems used for the treatment of drinking water and wastewater, as well as the recycling and reuse of treated water. Private water companies employ scientists and engineers devoted to improving service, quality and efficiency, and the advancements that result are enjoyed by customers in the form of the responsible management of resources to meet current and future needs, cost efficiencies, quality improvement, and reduced energy consumption. This is a distinct advantage for municipalities partnering with private companies as municipalities gain access to technical expertise and resources that put innovation to work for their communities.

We are proud to recognize advancements in technology and its implementation through the NAWC Management Innovation Awards – a program established in 1975 to recognize private water companies that have created innovative programs that benefit their own companies, the customers they serve and our industry as a whole.

To learn more about innovative technology developed and used by our members, visit our Knowledge Center.

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