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October 20, 2009
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Peter S. Silva, EPA Assistant Administrator for Water (Center), with (L to R) Laurent Auguste, Veolia Water NA; Chuck Firlotte, Aquarian Water Co.; Don Correll, American Water; Michael Deane, NAWC

5th National Drinking Water Symposium Held in Orlando

The 5th National Drinking Water Symposium held Oct. 11–14 in Orlando, Fla., was a well-attended and informative success.

By participating in the only meeting of its kind in the country, attendees were presented with an informed dialogue on sustainability challenges along with practical recommended solutions. Participants included economic regulators from state public utility commissions, senior-level state and federal drinking water program administrators, water industry executives, financial experts, members of academia, and other key stakeholders.

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NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance Meet in Tacoma

The NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance held its 2009 fall conference/meeting Oct. 5–8, 2009, at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Wash.

Eva Tang, chief financial officer of American States Water Company, and Paul Foran, vice president of regulatory programs at American Water, participated in the panel, “Investment in Infrastructure – What impact has the economic stimulus package had in assisting water infrastructure investment.” Mark Chesla, controller of American Water, participated in a separate panel focusing on IFRS.

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Hearing Held on Clean Water Act Enforcement, EPA Unveils Enforcement Plan

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure held a hearing on “The Clean Water Act after 37 Years: Recommitting to the Protection of the Nation’s Waters.” Committee Chairman Oberstar (D-MN), an originator of the Clean Water Act, commemorates the anniversary of this landmark legislation annually.

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New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program Launches Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program

Sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program recently launched a program targeting single-family homeowners with electric hot water heating systems. For those who purchase and install a solar domestic hot water heater, the Solar Domestic Hot Water Pilot Program is currently offering a $1,200 incentive. The new solar hot water heating system, if qualified, may either replace or supplement the existing electric hot water heating system.

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2009 Water Security Reporting Process Reaches Half-Way Point – Please Participate

Voluntary reporting for the second round of water sector–specific security metrics, which began on Sept. 22, is now mid-way through the 2009 process. This critical reporting tool helps track and communicate progress toward increased security and resilience in the water sector. Utilities that have not done so already are encouraged to complete the process. The success of the initiative will, in large measure, be a function of the number of utilities that participate.

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