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Why Join?

One water company with good ideas is notable, but 150 water companies leveraging their strengths as one industry now that's significant and can make a difference for everyone.

When our members collaborate and share best practices, it not only fosters the spirit of free enterprise and encourages healthy competition, it also benefits the communities and customers they serve.

We've all heard that "all politics is local" and that is certainly true of water issues, too, but much can be accomplished by engaging with government, regulatory entities and NGOs on a national and sometimes even global level. While one company can struggle to make a difference on its own, working together with association members and other groups in coalitions can help the voices of all of our members be heard.

Join us as we keep moving water forward:

  • Work with us to engage public utility commissions and local leaders to seek long-term solutions for regional water challenges.
  • We can help you work closely with legislators at every level of government on public health, environmental, finance and tax issues so policies will be enacted that will increase investment in water infrastructure.
  • Tap into the power of our member-led committees, including the Communications Committee that's teaching members how to best use evolving online marketing tools such as social media to help educate customers.

Along with the value of joining the discussion on water at a national level, interacting with one of our state chapters ensures that your company is involved in the decisions that directly impact your service areas.

We're moving water forward and invite you to join us. Attend our Annual Water Summit to learn firsthand about what we offer . Or, if you're ready to start reaping the rewards of membership now, please click here to join us as an Associate Member (individual membership) or click here to download the Active member (water company membership)form. 

*Please note that associate membership is available to an individual who, by reasons of professional, scientific, technical or business knowledge or interest, wishes to assist in furthering the objectives of our organization. No individual whose company is eligible for active membership is eligible to become an associate member.