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Communications Committee

Chairwoman: Denise Venuti Free, American Water (Eastern Division) 

As water continues to take center stage in conversations around kitchen tables, in press rooms and in the halls of state capitals, the need for accurate and reliable information about the U.S. water supply and our nation's infrastructure only increases. The NAWC is committed to serving as a credible and responsive resource for anyone seeking information about the water issues facing our nation and the solutions offered by the private water industry.

Made up of the industry's best community outreach educators and writers, our Communications Committee proactively develops and distributes clear and effective messages to lead the discussion about water providers, while reinforcing the positive reputation of our member companies. The committee meets monthly, while its sub-committees address topics that may include planning, research, branding and media relations as needed.

Customer Service Committee

Chairman: Michael Luu, California Water Service Group

Our Customer Service Committee highlights the importance of the relationship between the utility and its customers. Focusing on policies, technologies and training, members establish communications tools and procedures to promote efficient and consistent customer service. The committee meets quarterly by teleconference and frequently attends site visits to learn first-hand about customer service best practices.

Finance/Accounting/Taxation Committee

Chairman: Greg Barber, EPCOR Water USA 

Our Finance Committee provides advisement on key industry issues related to the business side of responsible water management. These issues may range from specific events of concern such as changes in accounting rules or tax rules to broader issues such as the impact of the economy on how member companies do business. A subcommittee of the group focuses specifically on taxation-related issues. The committee meets quarterly by teleconference.

Government Relations Committee

Chairman: Matt Mahoney, SUEZ NA

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) is one of our most active, meeting monthly and overseeing the entire government relations portfolio. The GRC reviews legislation and legislative projects, and recommends positions, priorities and strategies to our Board of Directors.

The GRC also hosts an annual "Congressional Fly-In" to help educate Washington decision makers about our organization and our legislative priorities. The NAWC Political Action Committee also falls under the GRC jurisdiction and allows the NAWC to fully participate in the political process by supporting candidates for federal public office.

Regulatory Law and Rates Committee

Chairman: Jim Jenkins, American Water

The Regulatory Law and Rates Committee is designed to afford our members with an opportunity to share ideas and exchange information on state, economic, regulatory and legal issues as well as best regulatory practices. The committee advises our Board of Directors regarding the need for regulatory research on specific issues of importance to members and regulators, and promotes sound regulatory principles and procedures. The committee meets three times a year by teleconference and at our Annual Conference.

Security & Safety Committee

Chairman: Don Schumacher, Connecticut Water
The Committee serves as a forum to develop and share best practices on emergency management, response and recovery from natural and manmade disasters, health and safety, and internet security issues including promoting tools or procedures that they have found beneficial..  The Committee addresses pertinent legislative and regulatory developments in relation to these areas and discuss areas of concern, providing its input and guidance on specific requests made by Congress, DHS, EPA and the WSCC.

The Committee also serves as a resource to members, keeping them apprised of regulatory requirements, safety developments and other issues pertinent to NAWC members.



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