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Water Infrastructure

NAWC State Data Sheets

State to state investment in water infrastructure data sheets

NAWC Testimony "“The Private Water Industry and Innovative Financing Approaches for Community Water Infrastructure Projects”

Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure

Liquid Assets is a public media/outreach initiative that seeks to inform the nation about the critical role that our water infrastructure plays in protecting public health and promoting economic prosperity.

The Benefits of Private Investment in Infrastructure

A summary of private infrastructure investment benefits by Sphere Consulting.

Water: Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Sector-Specific Plan as input to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan

The 2007 Water Sector-Specific Plan.

US Water Industry Outlook 2012

A Review of Innovative Financing Approaches for Community Water Infrastructure Projects

The U.S. House of Representatives listens to the testimony of Jeffry Sterba, President and CEO, American Water, presented on behalf of the NAWC.

Knowledge Center

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