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Our Mission and History

We are dedicated to helping close the information gap by serving as a credible resource for anyone seeking information about the water issues facing our nation today and in the foreseeable future, and the powerful and practical solutions that are available by way of the private water sector.

Together with our members, we engage with others looking for new solutions to water-related challenges, including aging water infrastructure, limited water supply, and budget deficits that are preventing much-needed investment in the people, technology and facilities required to help ensure reliable water and wastewater services across the country. Through our state and regional chapters, we work closely with legislators at every level of government and support public policies that increase public and private investment in water infrastructure.

Private water companies have been providing quality service and making a difference for centuries, and not just in the United States; water companies safeguard public health and promote environmental stewardship in more than 40 countries.

Founded in 1895 by a handful of small water companies in Pennsylvania, the NAWC today is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has members located throughout the nation and ranging in size from large companies owning, operating or partnering with hundreds of utilities in multiple states to individual utilities serving a few hundred customers. And while it's easy to believe our members sell water as a commodity, what they actually provide are the services required to help ensure safe and reliable water treatment and delivery.

With the appointment of Michael Deane, a recognized water infrastructure policy and financing expert, as our executive director, and with the country's largest water and wastewater service contract operators as our newest members we're positioned like never before to influence change as we work with members to keep moving water forward.

About NAWC

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