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Our Board Of Directors


Mr. Joe Gysel
Mr. Dennis Doll
Middlesex Water Company
Mr. Robert Nicholson
San Gabriel Valley Water Company
Mr. David Ern
Gordon's Corner Water Company
Mr. Michael Quinn
Southwest Water Company
Mr. Charles V. Firlotte
Aquarion Water Company
Ms. Lisa Sparrow
Utilities, Inc.
Mr. Chris Franklin
Aqua America
Mr. Robert Sprowls
American States Water Company

Mr. Walton Hill
Suez Environnment

Mr. Matthew Stanley
Beckley Water Company
Mr. Jeffrey Hines
York Water Company
Ms. Susan Suhanovsky
Torrington Water Company
Mr. Robert Iacullo
Suez Environnment
Ms. Sandy Sullivan
Veolia North America
Mr. Palle Jensen
San Jose Water Company
Ms. Nicholle Taylor
Artesian Water Company
Mr. Patrick Kerr
Baton Rouge Water Company
Mr. Eric Thornburg
The Connecticut Water Company

Mr. Marty Kropelnicki
California Water Service Group

Mr. Paul Townsley
California Water Service Group
Mr. Walter Lynch
American Water
Mr. Aldie Warnock
American Water 
Mr. Robert MacLean
California American Water



 Mr. Steve Meininger
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